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Treasures of Tuscany

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Open Group (Ages 18+) max 6 people per group
Person 18+

Discover the Treasures of Tuscany

Tuscany has over two thousand years of history to enjoy. The life loving Etruscans, the world changing centuries of the Romans, the Renaissance. The region is arguably the art capital of the world. Other visitors arrive to sample some of the best wines accompanying some of the best food on the planet.

The list goes on. The scenery is stunning. Rolling hills and vineyards abound. The architecture is magnificent. Siena cathedral is awe inspiring, the centre of Florence simply incredible. The weather is more often than not blue skies and sunshine. The Tuscan people, warm and welcoming.

Given the nature of the trip, anyone with a good level of fitness (e.g. being able to walk for 5 miles every day) can participate.
16/17 year olds are welcome if accompanied by their parents or guardian.